November Növelet


In the beginning there was Haus Arafna. In those early days the Haus Arafna repertoire was based explicitly on harsh sounds. Then, as certain songs began to appear that didn't fit with this concept, Mr. and Mrs. Arafna created November Növelet, to accommodate these new ideas. Evidence of this period is the first offering "More Satanic Heroes" from 1994, that showed in broad outline, the direction in which the future November Növelet should progress. The sound was gloomy, muted, and minimalistic – characteristics that are still valid today in the music of November Növelet. Later the second album "Magic" evolved after a period of maturing composing and production skills, setting new standards within its genre, and drastically extended November Növelet listening public. These days the siblings Haus Arafna and November Növelet are on an even footing with one another, and transcend their common roots, on both musical and textual levels. November Növelet reveals a peculiar world full of melancholy and fragility. The arrangement of spartan melodies with the ethereal voice of Mrs. Arafna, held together by a skeleton of rigid rhythms, has become a point of reference for many other makers of electronic music.